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Buchla command easel, Radio and FX pedals

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Forgotten sounds from a Golden Era; 'Remake' combines found sounds with new sounds inspired by the sentiment which is awakened by lost/remembered past lives. Piano, percussion, Buchla music easel, field recordings.

Yamaha CS-80 excerpt
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Yamaha CS-80 recorded at MESS studio.

Landscape 1
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Recorded on the Serge Paperface and Buchla 200e at MESS studio.

'Water music': Live Audio Performance and dance collaboration, Kochi Arts Residency 2016. 

Modified Jal Tarang (Ceramic, metal, glass bowls), samples, electronics, wooden flute.

Kochi Residency, India 2016

Video by Selena De Carvalho


'The earliest mention of the jal tarang is found in Vātsyāyana's Kamasutra as playing on musical glasses filled with water. It is one of the 64 Arts and Science to be studied by a maiden.

In modern times, it has fallen into obscurity. Literally, jal tarang means "waves in water" but indicates motion of sound created or modified with the aid of water. In the wave-instruments, it is the most prominent and ancient instrument. This traditional instrument is used in Indian classical music.'

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