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Sooji is a Naarm-based musician creating works that explore adventurous sonic territories through performance, composition and spatialised sound installations. Working primarily with synthesisers and electronics, she embraces the unexpected outcomes that arise from collaboration and improvisation. 

Influenced by diverse sources such as classical music and early electro-acoustic composers, Sooji’s intuitive approach to composition creates works that sit outside of traditional genre classification and often manifest as surreal sonic landscapes.


Sooji is a member of Stathis//Davey//Kim, a composer collective creating large-scale outdoor sound works with analogue synthesisers (Mona Foma 2020, 2021).  The composers were recipients of the Creators Fund Grant in 2022 and were commissioned to compose a quadrophonic work for synthesiser orchestra and Grand Organ for the Now or Never Festival 2023. 

Artwork from photos @DANIELE FORTUNA ART

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