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Sooji is a Naarm-based instrumentalist and collaborator. Her work draws on her interest in early electronic and electro-acoustic works, embedding warmth and character in her often surreal worlds. Her first solo LP 'FIRST LOVES #2' was released in 2021 featuring the legendary Sequential Prophet 10. 


Sooji works with various collaborators conducting investigations with timbral collisions between acoustic and electronic instruments. An upcoming release featuring a project with woodwind and analogue synthesisers will be available in 2023.


Sooji is a member of Stathis//Davey//Kim, a composer collective creating large-scale outdoor sound works with analogue synthesisers (Mona Foma 2020, 2021).  The composers were recipients of the Creators Fund Grant in 2022 and are currently developing a new major work for presentation in 2024. Stathis//Davey//Kim will be launching their debut LP 'Improvisational Excerpts' in Japan in April 2023.


Sooji also performs in the Art-beat trio Empat Lima, and audio-visual project Anuencia (Bryan Phillips.) 

Artwork from photos @DANIELE FORTUNA ART

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